Fallout 4
NVIDIA has released the patch 1.3 for "Fallout 4." NVIDIA

Vault dwellers and players of “Fallout 4” on the consoles can now rejoice. Bethesda has finally released the “Fallout 4” patch 1.3 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The update has brought a couple of fixes for some of the prominent issues in the game. In addition, there are some new features that even the developer has teased with a cool mini clip. Bethesda has shown over its official Twitter the increase in object fading distances that came with “Fallout 4” patch 1.3.

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Seen in the link above, it’s noticeable how the electrical tower can be seen in a further distance after the patch 1.3 has been dispatched. The full patch changelog is detailed by Gamepur. Two main additions include the status menu for settlers in settlements, and the other is the ability to rotate an object using triggers and thumbsticks to rotate axis.

As far as gameplay fixes are concerned, there is a very long list. Mostly these are big fixes and stability improvements, but there are also workshop fixes that allow for improvements in the Workshop mode, Diamond City and corrected resource consumption.

VG 247 has spotted an interesting change following the “Fallout 4” patch 1.3. It appears that Bethesda has made “Fallout 4” even more fun and gory when it comes to shooting down some Vault 81 residents. According to the source, shooting at a body will induce gorier outcomes, such as more blood and flesh coming out from all the shooting, compared to the pre-patch version.

Also for those who have been interest in knowing whether or not the duplication glitch still works, Gamingbolt reported that it still works even after patch 1.3 updates in “Fallout 4.” Apart from retaining the old duplication glitch, it seems that the new patch even added another glitch on top of it.t

As seen in the video below, the new duplication glitch now has Dogmeat being used to duplicate weapons in the game. The video shows that the baseball bat, which was picked up by Dogmeat, is duplicated. However, the duplication does take time, because according to the glitch spotter, there is a ratio of one in every 15 times that the duplication actually works.

The patch should immediately update in the background. If not, Xbox Support stated that there will be a prompt to update if the update is already available.

Duplication glitch post-patch 1.3 in "Fallout 4" (Credit: YouTube/Hey Im Starlord)