Vault Boy Fallout 4
A billboard featuring Vault Boy in "Fallout 4"

“Fallout 4” is home to a ton of weapons which can be either be bought or acquired by players through their journey in the Commonwealth. Although the total weapon count for “Fallout 4” is significantly lower than the previous titles, what makes these better is that they vary greatly from one another. A discovery made by modders points to a cancelled out weapon which could be the most unique of them all.

Typically, what modders do is create mods to add to “Fallout 4.” These additions could be aesthetic, new quests or other features. However, modder xxdeathknigh72xx’s mod uncovered a weapon that has been taken out of the game by Bethesda before launch. The mod titled SECRET WEAPON harpoon gun, seen here at Nexus Mods adds what seems to be a version of the Railway Gun found in “Fallout 4.”

The weapon itself functions similarly to the Railway Gun. It skewers enemies through the use of harpoons and is capable of dishing out massive damage. When the mod is seen in-game, the animation when used and during V.A.T.S. is low-res and choppy.

However, there are animated bubbles coming out of the weapon when used. Players speculate that the weapon could’ve been intended for underwater battle, which might be taken out before the Nov. 10 launch.

The underwater battle capability could come in future DLCs. In fact, Bethesda has already planned out a DLC release starting next year, Tech Insider reports.

The developer is yet to detail what the DLCs are but it has stated that it will be based on the request of the fans. Bethesda even claimed that it will release a Season Pass worth US$40 (approx. AU$50) worth of content for only $30 (approx. AU$41). Fans have yet to know when exactly the DLCs will hit, but they should expect it anytime next year.

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