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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Reuters/ Robert Galbraith

On Saturday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in his speech to the United Nations his intention of bringing the Internet to Syrian refugee camps. The pledge is part of a bigger goal of tech companies to expand connectivity across the globe.

The young Facebook CEO believes that the internet is a “force for peace” and said that the social network can help refugees get better support from aid communities around the world, and will help them stay connected to their families and loved ones, CNET reported.

Zuckerberg, 31, cited a research claiming that for every ten people who gained access to the Internet, one is lifted out of poverty. Based on that premise, he added that a like or a post might not be able to stop a tank or bullets from being fired, but it will somehow give hope that can spark the global community towards the path of a solid global understanding.

Facebook has been working on building satellites and aircraft that can beam Internet connection to far flung towns and villages. Google is engaged in a similar project, utilising high-altitude balloons.

But the noble move by both tech giants has faced negative commentaries from private critics saying that the social network, together with the other tech companies sharing the same efforts, are only paving their way towards a monopoly in global internet access. One example is, which critics claim will threaten Net neutrality, accounted TechNerdNews. is a partnership between social networking services company Facebook and six companies (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Nokia and Qualcomm) that plans to bring affordable access to selected Internet services in less developed countries. It works by tapping into government and telecommunications companies to offer free limited Internet access to citizens of developing countries. Zuckerberg defended and is now heading to India to hold a town hall-style discussion with the country’s prime minister.

In a separate remark, the Facebook CEO announced of its impending partnership with global advocacy organisation One for a worldwide call to action for Net access by 2020.

Mark Zuckerburg to bring internet to Syrian refugee camps (Credit: YouTube/Daily Mail All)

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