Jarryd Hayne with the Kangaroos
The Kangaroos' Jarryd Hayne (L) and Kiwis' Shontayne Hape jump for a high ball in the centenary rugby league test match between Australia and New Zealand in Wellington, October 14, 2007. Reuters

Former National Rugby League star Jarryd Hayne came close to signing with an NFL team two weeks ago but visa problems hindered the plan. Hayne was forced to temporarily fly back home and arrived at Sydney Airport on Sunday morning.

Hayne said that he was already in the facility of the said NFL team when the visa problems came up. Since he can't even be in an NFL facility for longer than 24 hours without having signed a contract, he then decided to get a rest. He was told the the US Immigration that he can sign another contract beginning December 29. It could either be a futures deal with a team after the season, or as a candidate for the practice squad if he signs in season.

Signing a futures contract wouldn't list Hayne as part of the team's 90-man roster until the 2015 season officially begins on March 10. A futures contract was given to fellow Australian Brad Wing last year by the Pittsburgh Steelers where he still plays as a punter and is set to perform in the playoffs.

The 26-year-old Hayne refused to reveal the club he intend to sign with. It was reported that the Detroit Lions were close to signing him as a running back this week and the team brought him in Monday for a physical. Lions coach Jim Caldwell declined to categorize their interest in signing him.

It was reported that the Lions emailed Hayne's camp to offer a training contract two days after he announced in October that he was quitting rugby. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll also commented then that his team is interested in Hayne since he is such an incredible athlete and a great competitor.

Haynes also held an open workout for the San Diego Chargers, where he was training, and visited the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. Nonetheless, Hayne has reportedly secured a position on the said team that pays him a minimum of $6000 a week, which is more than an average NRL player gets from a full-time contract. It was not indicated what position he signed for.