Actor Terrence Howard arrives for the GQ magazine 2005 'Men of the Year' celebration held at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, December 1, 2005. Reuters/Phil McCarten

The promo for the second-half of “Empire” season 2, ominously titled “Revenge is Coming,” shows that a war is set to erupt.

Lucious ( Terrence Howard) wants revenge, as his son Hakeem ( Bryshere Y. Gray) betrayed him in the midseason finale by joining forces with Mimi (Marisa Tomei) and Camilla (Naomi Campbell). Mimi and Camilla had played a key role in removing Lucious from his positions as CEO and chairman of Empire Entertainment.

In the sneak preview, Lucious warns his son Hakeem to stay away from him for his own safety. He is seen saying "the next time I see you, I will kill you.”

A misguided, remorseless Hakeem, proceeds to point a gun at his father. He appears to have been swayed to the dark side.

Though not shown in the promo, it is likely that at some point Hakeem withdraws his gun and decides to leave their meeting place. It is at this point, probably when Lucious threatens Hakeem once more: “Watch your back! Coz I keep my promises.”

Hakeem’s mother Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) is also furious at him for betraying her husband -- his father -- and by extension their family. She was seen warning her younger son about the consequences of his action and the need to rectify his ways in the previous promo of “Death Will Have His Day,” the Episode 11 of "Empire" Season 2.

In the latest promo, Cookie is seen with a broomstick like object to threaten someone unseen. It may be Hakeem or someone more sinister.

The second half of "Empire" Season 2 could see Cookie taking centre-stage, trying to set things straight again. She certainly appears to be determined to do so.

“I want revenge,” says Lucious in one scene. In another he is seen wielding a gun before being ambushed by the Police. This might be the earlier scene from the promo of Season 2 Episode 11 where Camilla utters “Kill him.”

Someone remote detonates a car bomb, Hakeem and Laura get intimate, while Andre is seen having a breakdown next to his baby’s crib.

The final scene of the promo shows a saddened Cookie comforting a depressed Lucious and him trying to comfort her back.

From the looks of it things are surely going to take a darker turn when “Empire” Season 2 strikes back on March 30 on Fox channel in the U.S.

Watch the promo below.