In Season 2 Episode 18 of “Empire,” Jamal (Jussie Smollett) will be fighting for his life. The Lyon family will also try to fix things. There will be a wedding with many people from Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Cookie’s (Taraji P. Henson) backgrounds coming together.

The episode synopsis stated that after Jamal’s life-changing experience, he will refuse to make music until his family stops its constant fighting and violence. In the meantime, the FBI will be following Anika because as they plan to compel her to testify against Lucious. Cookie will aim to protect her family and hold a meeting at the wedding of Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) and Laura (Jamila Velazquez). She will talk to different people from her and Lucious past. It is expected that there will at least be one more problem despite the happy occasion.

Jamal was accidentally shot after he discovered that Lucious and Cookie were involved in the murder of Freda’s (Bre-Z) father. Freda almost exacted revenge against Lucious by shooting him but Jamal stepped in to catch the bullet. After his shocking finding, he intended to isolate himself from his family.

Melty notes that Jamal will actually survive his untoward incident. Although it was previously teased that one member of the Lyon family will fall, it may only turn out to be a near-death situation.

There will be a wedding in the Season 2 finale, although it is still uncertain whether Hakeem and Laura will be the happy couple in the end. Based on the spoiler photos, the two seem to be very romantic and happy. There are also rumors that Lucious and Cookie will remarry. In the promo video, Lucious told Cookie that they are either ride or die. Despite their differences, they do make a powerful couple.

Rhonda Lyon (Kaitlyn Doubleday) was shown talking to Anika Calhoun (Grace Gealey) for pushing her down the stairs while she was carrying Andre Lyon’s (TraiBryers) baby. Anika might go to extreme measures and testify to the FBI against Lucious.

“Empire” Season 2 Episode 18 will air on May 18, 2016 on FOX.

Source: YouTube/Empire