Emma Watson
Recently Sexy For: being appointed as a United Nations (U.N.) Women Goodwill Ambassador. The “Harry Potter” series star spoke at the U.N. headquarters to launch the U.N. Women campaign HeForShe which advocates gender equality. Reuters

Emma Watson is moving away from her “Harry Potter” image. The 24-year-old English actress is reportedly appearing topless in her new film “Regression,” and it has got worried.

The film, which also stars Ethan Hawke and David Dencik and is directed by Alejandro Amenabar, isn’t hitting theatres until August 2015, but a preview of it is apparently showing in U.S. cinemas. And although Watson has accepted more adult roles after she graduated from “Hogwarts” in 2011, the thriller drama is the first that she has shown more skin.

According to The Sun, moviegoers expressed concern over a particular scene in the teaser, wherein she appeared to be topless. One moviegoer claimed it was “useless and ineffective.”

“You can see her breasts but they are partially obscured. I think she may have been wearing pasties to cover her nipples,” the source said. As the film is currently in production stage, Watson’s alleged topless scene may or may not even make it to the final cut.

In “Regression,” Watson plays Angela Gray, who accuses her father (Dencik) of sexually abusing her, of which he has no recollection. Hawke plays Detective Bruce Kenner who investigates their case.

Following the successful release of the multi-billion-dollar “Harry Potter” film franchise from 2001 to 2011, Watson has chosen grittier roles to expand her repertoire as an actress. In 2013, she starred in “The Bling Ring,” which saw her in a role opposite her intelligent “Harry Potter” character, Hermione Granger. She will also be starring in the upcoming German drama film “Colonia Dignidad,” which will be released in late 2015.

Feminist Celebrity of the Year

Watson has recently been named the Feminist Celebrity of 2014 by Ms Foundation for Women. In a poll conducted online, it has been determined that the young star’s contribution to the recognition of women’s rights has had a tremendous impact worldwide.

In September, as a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador, she delivered a speech that called for men to advocate gender equality. This has encouraged men, both celebrities and non-celebrities, to participate in the #HeForShe campaign.