Emma Watson
Actor Emma Watson poses for photographers at a media event for the film "Beauty and the Beast" in London, Britain, February 23, 2017. Reuters/Neil Hall

Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried may be the most recent female celebrities to fall victim to a major photo leak. Reports are spreading online that hackers got hold of nude photos of both actresses, each seeking to take legal action.

The team of Watson told the Telegraph UK that photos of the 26-year-old "Beauty and the Beast" star were obtained without her consent. However, they were also quick to confirm that the photos were not bare images. “Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen,” a spokesperson said. “They are not nude photographs.”

Emma’s spokesperson also confirmed that lawyers have been contacted. It was not explicitly said that the actress is seeking charges, but they did advise that a legal team has been “instructed.” Other than these details, no further information was provided. And it seems that until more details are obtained, Emma and her team will no longer comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, Seyfried’s lawyer from Franfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz already released a threatening letter (obtained by TMZ) to Celeb Jihad. The letter demanded that the “nude photos,” some of which were of “intimate moments with her former boyfriend,” be removed immediately. It was also noted that the website that posted the photos openly admitted that the photos were “leaked.” The legal firm then pointed out that these were illegally obtained, particularly because the actress did not give her consent.

It was further requested that the images be removed immediately and permanently. The firm then advised that if the photos were not pulled down, it would “take any and all appropriate steps to protect and enforce [Seyfried’s] rights.”

Several individuals have claimed to have seen the photos of Watson and Amanda on websites such as Twitter and Reddit. In one particular Reddit thread, one individual noted that there were photos of other celebrities but that “[They] are the big two.” The one who originated the thread also reasoned that there are no links in order to stay within Reddit’s rules for use.

It is not clear if both situations are related or if the timing is a mere coincidence. However, this is definitely not the first time that Hollywood actresses were attacked by online hackers. In 2014, the same incident happened and involved Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and others. The situation was dubbed the “Fappening,” and two men -- Ryan Collins and Edward Majerczyk -- were charged for hacking personal accounts and stealing information.


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