Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter to share to her 37.2 million followers a video of his wife Portia de Rossi doing Jane Fonda’s workout tapes, which she secretly filmed. She tweeted, “Portia said it was okay if I watched her do her Jane Fonda workout. She didn't say anything about filming it and putting it on Facebook.”

Performing a series of leg lifts and arm circles, de Rossi exclaims, “This is hard!” When she finally realizes that her wife is secretly filming her, the unsuspecting “Arrested Development” actress freaks out and screams, “Oh my God!”

In 2014, Fonda appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss the release of her original 1982 “Jane Fonda Workout” on DVD. Wearing a long-sleeved black top paired with slim-fitting black trousers and black pumps, the 76-year-old actress showcased her tiny waist with a belt.

Fonda told DeGeneres that she did not know that she was doing the workout videos and she is very proud that it happened. "The Newsroom" actress also added that "timing is everything" pointing out that there was no video industry before her first workout tape, which was a VCR, since the hardware needed to play it was too expensive.

According to Fonda, her workout video “launched women being okay with muscles” because back then, “if a woman went to a health club there'd be a gym for men and nothing for women.” Watch the viral YouTube video of Fonda’s 2014 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres” here:

Credits: YouTube/TheEllenShow

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