'The Elder Scrolls: Legends' is now officially launched on PC
In-game screenshot of "The Elder Scrolls:Legends" gameplay YouTube/Bethesda Softworks

The developing team from Bethesda Game Studios has released the game update 1.62.1 patch notes for “The Elder’s Scrolls: Legends” game. The update will include game changes, new cards and improve bugs and error issues encountered in the game.

Server Maintenance

“The Elder Scrolls: Legends” is now officially launched for the personal computer. In order to update the game, there was a momentary server maintenance on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. EST.

The estimated downtime of the game is roughly around five to seven hours. Players will be informed of the new patch through an in-game announcement prior to the server maintenance.

The game’s update will introduce an option for players to pre-order the first story of the game, which is entitled “The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.” This is a new type of downloadable content featuring a standalone campaign and 40 new cards.

The full details regarding the abovementioned gaming milestone will be announced on the Legends website. But for avid fans lucky enough to participate on the Beta test, they will get the first glimpse of the aforementioned story.

As for the saved data of the previous update, the upcoming update will carry all progress and purchases made during Beta test through launch. The developing team assures that all of their players' hard work shall not go to waste through the Legend’s website.

Game Changes

The new story available for the update is called The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood. As of now, the story is available for pre-order. The new story content of the game will be released on April 5.

Cards have also been tweaked

There have been some tweaks that the developing team has made in line with the cards of the game. The Loyal Housecarl no longer has its head cut off due to an awkward cropping. The Riften Pillager’s summon ability can now update after it is unsummoned.

Text changes

Minor adjustments has also been made in terms of grammatical correction. Grammatical errors on the Thank You page after purchasing Arena Tickets and promotional packs are now corrected. Furthermore, the credits text can now be viewed.

iOS update

The text field errors no longer has missing text prompts, which used to only display red Xs. The password text field error Xs no longer overlap with the requirement text. Finally, if the device is locked during a chapter, advancing to the next chapter will no longer tell players that they will unlock Act 3 Rewards upon completion.

Additional issues

The Earth Bone title that is erroneously being granted to new members will now be removed. Finally, for all PC users whose social features option becomes unavailable upon accepting the EULA, they can simply restart the game client to resolve the issue.

These are just some of the things that fans of the game can look forward to once “The Elder’s Scroll: Legends” patch 1.62.1 is live. Expect the game to finish its update after the server maintenance.