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Screenshot for "The Following" expansion for "Dying Light," complete with a new weapon. http://dyinglightgame.com/

Game developer Techland has announced “Dying Light: Enhanced Edition” for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. This will be an updated version of the original game, which comes packaged with the highly anticipated “The Following” downloadable content (DLC) and is slated for release on Feb. 9.

Before previous buyers decide to grab their pitchforks and torches, the developer has stated that this won’t be a simple “Game of the Year” release that collects the game and DLC. The game will supposedly feature a ton of improvements, including hundreds of new animations, new characters models for NPCs and much more, accoriding to GameSpot.

Some of the new improvements are a bit vague, as Gematsu has confirmed that there will be “audio upgrades” and “console quality improvements,” among other things. Thankfully a number of these improvements are less vague, like a new nightmare difficulty setting, improved AI for enemies and a brand new bounty system to name a few.

Fans that bought the original version of the game will be happy to know that they will get a free update that will add the aforementioned new features. Considering how re-releases with all DLC have been popular for this gaming generation, this is a good move on the part of the developer, as it shows that previous buyers didn’t waste their money on the original game.

Those that opt to buy the “Enhanced Edition” of the open-world game will immediately get all of the game’s DLC, including stand-alone expansion “The Following.” This expansion opens up a whole new world to explore for players and introduces a number of exciting new gameplay mechanics, like being able to use vehicles, which can’t be done in the original game.

Techland had to increase the price of “The Following” and the season pass of “Dying Light” after realizing how much content is in the DLC expansion. Those that already purchased the season pass for its original price of US$19.99 have nothing to worry about, as they will immediately get “The Following” when it is released.

“Dying Light” has been a fan favorite game since it’s release and it will be interesting to see if the “Enhanced Edition” improves upon what fans liked with the original. It seems like “Dying Light” continues to flicker with life.

Dying Light | Enhanced Edition Reveal Trailer

(Credit: YouTube/Dying Light)

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