Drake and Rihanna
Singer Rihanna (L) performs with Canadian rapper Drake during half-time of the NBA All-Star basketball game in Los Angeles, February 20, 2011. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Drake and Rihanna, who have been friends and have also worked together, may have been dating for months. Rumours about the two singers dating have been circulating for some time, but it is only now that a source close to the couple has confirmed the news.

Speaking with PEOPLE magazine, a source said that the two singers have been “secretly dating” for the past few months. The fans got a hint of their relationship during their performance at the “Anti” album world tour event in Los Angeles.

While performing the song “Work,” Rihanna pulled Drake to join her. The couple set the stage on fire with their steamy performance, showing the world how close they were.

The two singers have a lot to celebrate. While Rihanna’s album “Anti” has gone multi-platinum twice this year, Drake’s album “Views” has already sold over a million copies. The album was released on April 29 exclusively on Apple Music and iTunes. The songs from the album streamed over 250 million times on Apple Music during the first week of its release.

According to a report by Time , the lyrics of the songs in the album “ belie inner torment and insecurity” of the singer. “All of my ‘Let’s just be friends’ are friends I don’t have anymore,” reads the lyrics of one of his songs from his latest album. The album has 20 songs that have about 90 minutes of music.

Drake and Rihanna collaborated for the song “Work” before. So now, Rihanna has collaborated with the singer for the song “Too Good” in “Views.” The song is a dance-hall track and promises to be the highlight of the album, offering “irresistible danceable beats” and lyrics with deep meaning. The song is from the view point of two “star-crossed lovers.”

“Views,” however, is not perfect and has its flaws. The album is described as being “too long” and Drake’s attitude towards women who are not at the same level as Rihanna has also been criticised.