Musician Drake applauds as his image is displayed on the TV monitors during the Serena Williams, Roberta Vinci match at the U.S. Open Championships tennis tournament in New York, September 11, 2015. Picture taken September 11, 2015. Reuters/Carlo Allegri

Drake becomes an overnight online sensation with the music video release of the remix of his song “Hotline Bling.” The rapper’s signature cool dance moves instantly sparked several hilarious memes.

Never mind the sexy voluptuous ladies in the video or the rather hypnotic beat to “Hotline Bling.” Drake’s new song is basically about his dancing. Soon after the four minute and 56 second video was released on Monday, netizens were quick to share their different opinions on the rapper’s dance skills on social media. Some realised his dance moves basically fit to any situation and any song, and because this is the internet, quickly created and curated a collection of hilarious memes.

A video collection of the Vine memes created for Drake dancing to “Hotline Bling” was posted on You Tube by user NZTV. One meme in the 10-minute clip shows Drake looking unhappy and as if he is in pain while playing tennis. His dance moves are perfectly synced with the bouncing of the ball, which makes it look like he is indeed playing the sport.

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Drake dancing to “Single Ladies” looked so original it could pass for the official music video for Beyoncé’s hit song. Another meme shows the rapper doing a poorly-choreographed salsa after “Hotline Bling” was replaced with Latin music.

According to E! News, the meme showing Drake endorsing pizza trumps all the other “Hotline Bling” memes. Created by Vine user Sunny Peabody, the hilarious clip shows the rapper holding a pepperoni packet and garnishing a pizza with pepperoni. The user captioned the meme, “Drake is a total sellout!” and added the label “Call 1-800-PIZZABLING.” Time on the other hand marked the end of Drake’s dancing meme craze with the video of him playing tennis.

One viewer even went to great lengths to put Drake on “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Instead of Star Lord (Chris Pratt) challenging Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) to a dance showdown, there’s Drake popping and bowing his head with the sway of his hips. Meanwhile, Star Lord is down on the ground staring incredulously at the rapper’s dance moves.

According to E! News the memes were encouraged after the hash tag #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat trended on social media.

Source:YouTube/ NZTV

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