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Some of the allies in 'Dragon Age:Inquisition' (via http://api.dragonage.com/media/cache/full/content/dam/ea/DragonAgeInquisition/Media%20Gallery/11252014/avengers-parody-en.jpg)

Following up on the first DLC of “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” Jaws of Hakkon, Electronic Arts, or EA, has announced its second DLC titled The Descent. The new expansion will see the Inquisitor venture into lands, which were present in previous “Dragon Age” titles, and will also meet new characters.

The DLC will let players explore the Deep Roads to investigate the source of unknown earthquakes. The Inquisitor will be exploring darkspawn-filled caverns and, as the name implies, it will also take players deep underground to solve the mystery that threatens the land of Thedas. The Descent will introduce the largest and seamless dungeon in the game yet.

According to official “Dragon Age” website, the Inquisitor will meet new characters and allies in the new adventure. Players will also learn more about dwarven history and collect epic loot. The Descent has been set for an August 11 launch, but no official pricing has been set as of this writing. However, EA Access subscribers are entitled to a 10 percent. discount.

The trailer, seen below, provides a sneak peek of the game.

This comes right at the heels of the recently announced availability of “Dragon Age: Inquisition” in the EA Access Vault for Xbox One. EA Access members can now download and play “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” along with other titles such as “Titanfall,” “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare,” “Battlefield 4” and a slew of sports games, Destructoid reported.

Subscription to EA Access is $4.99 (AU $7) per month and $29.99 (AU $40) per year. Aside from the free games, EA Access also gives a 10-hour trial of pre-release games a week before they officially come out.

EA Access debuted on the the Xbox One as a beta program on July 29, 2014 and was officially launched on Aug. 11, 2014. EA approached both Microsoft and Sony for the service, but the latter declined, saying that the subscription fee was not good value for the customers.

Credit: YouTube/Dragon Age

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