Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor in "Doctor Who"
Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor in "Doctor Who" BBC

The new “Doctor Who” is Jodie Whittaker. BBC announced Sunday that the “Broadchurch” actor is the Thirteenth Doctor and the first female Time Lord who will replace Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi in the upcoming season 11.

Capaldi’s reign as the Gallifreyan Time Lord will be ending in the Christmas special episode as Twelve will regenerate into Thirteen. With how the season 10 finale had gone, it was expected that a female actor could finally land the coveted role. (Read more here: ‘Doctor Who’ season 10 finale: ‘The Doctor Falls’ perhaps hints at female Doctor regeneration)

And BBC did not disappoint. Whittaker is the first female actor to hold the titular role. She is technically the 14th Doctor as there had been the War Doctor (John Hurt) in between Eight (Paul McGann) and Nine (Christopher Eccleston).

Reactions from fans are divided. While there are those who think it’s a brilliant move as it’s time a woman becomes the Doctor, there are also disappointed and even angry fans who have not quite accepted yet that the sci-fi series is heading toward this direction.

Nevertheless, reactions from current and former stars of the show are positive. Arthur Darvill, who played Eleventh Doctor’s (Matt Smith) companion Rory Williams and who also co-starred with Whittaker in “Broadchurch,” was one of the first to react to Whittaker’s casting. Colin Baker, who was Sixth Doctor, urged fans to accept the new Doctor. “Sherlock” co-showrunner Mark Gatiss called the historic change “terrific.” Billie Piper, who played the first companion, Rose, of the rebooted series, just had one word. Freema Agyeman (Tenth Doctor’s companion, Martha Jones) was just as thrilled.

There might be one former Doctor who won’t be happy about Whittaker becoming the new Gallifreyan Time Lady, though. Peter Davison, who was the Fifth Doctor, had said in 2015 that he personally would have trouble with the idea of a female Doctor. (Read: Fifth Doctor Peter Davison Thinks ‘Doctor Who’ Should Not Be A Woman)

There’s no word yet on who will be her companion. The inquisitive Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) left in the last episode to have her own adventures with Heather. Nardole (Matt Lucas) is guarding a group of humans without the Doctor as well. And thus it is expected that a new companion will be announced soon.

Chris Chibnall, the creator of “Broadchurch,” will take over the helm following Steven Moffat’s exit in the Christmas episode. Whittaker also starred in “Broadchurch” alongside David Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor in “Doctor Who.” She was a late favourite in polls on who would be the next Time Lord.

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