The Division
"The Division" Underground character in-game screenshot Ubisoft

The patch notes for “The Division: Last Stand” update 1.6 have just been released. The notes show several major changes that players will expect, including game modes, game changes, combat adjustments, gear normalisation and many more.

The first thing that players need to take advantage of the update is they must own “The Last Stand” DLC in order to gain access to it. This DLC is now readily available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms worldwide.

The Last Stand game mode will allow players to engage in an 8 versus 8 combat with a goal on retrieving the SHD tech data before the Rogues can. Players can also control three major locations on one of the four Dark Zone maps. The first team to gain the maximum score of the battle wins.

As for the game changes, there are three maps that players can utilise in battle. These maps will include the likes of Dark Zone Leaderboard where players can see how they rank against other gamers. Another inclusion is the Dark Zone Contamination Events where players must manage their health during a viral outbreak. Clearing each Dark Zone subway will give specific awards.

The current patch will also allow players to choose the Legendary difficulty missions where players get to focus purely on combat without the narrative part of the missions. This is only available in World Tier 5.

Combat adjustments have also been made for this patch. Some of these adjustments include revival time of a downed teammate increased from three to five seconds, Medkits can now be used at full health and rid the character of all ailments. To top it off, the Medikit will have shorter cooldown rate with each combat roll.

The gear normalisation has also been enhanced in this patch. This include adjustments in gear pieces and weapons. Armor and resistance have also been retweaked to make them more battle fair for players. In addition, gear statistics have also made several changes. Gear pieces involved have either their bonuses removed, added or retained. These gears include chest, backpack, mask, gloves, knees and holster.

Character talents and skills also have several changes in this update. One of which is the character talent of Adrenalin changes to Medikits which will heal characters over time even during damage instead of the previous overheal. Characters skills such as skill power, skill haste, sticky bomb, first aids, turret and pulse have also undergone adjustments as well.

These are just a few of the expected adjustments that players can experience in “The Division: Last Stand” patch 1.6 update. The complete list of the patch notes can be found on the official game website.