A sculptor walks past sculptures based on characters from Disney movies
A sculptor walks past sculptures based on characters from Disney movies at the Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges November 20, 2013. Some 28 artists from all over the world made 55 sculptures out of 250 tonnes of ice depicting Disney's newest movie "Frozen". The festival will open on November 22 and will end on January 5, 2014. Reuters

Dave Berg and his family boarded Disney's cruise known as Wonder, in Miami on Dec. 30 for honoring the wish of his ailing mother-in-law. Thirty family members, which included his four-month-old granddaughter, boarded the cruise.

According to Fox News, two days after they boarded the cruise, Jennifer Moak, the four-month-old infant's daughter, took her to the doctor in the ship as the baby started spitting up. The doctor gave the baby medicine for seasickness.

A few hours after the visit to the doctor, Moak received a call from the doctor asking her to come in for a checkup of the baby. When she did go to the doctor, the doctor gave her distressing news, instead of a checkup. The family were forced to end their vacation earlier than it was supposed to because the doctor told Moak that their infant was too young to be on the cruise.

Moak said that the doctor had told her that since the baby was too young, she wasn't supposed to travel on the ship. She claimed that the staff on the cruise had said that there were safety reasons and so the young baby could not be kept on the cruise. She added that the doctor had said that he was "terminating" their stay on the ship.

In the summer of 2014, Disney Cruise updated its policy that babies, who were 12 weeks and older, were allowed to travel on their cruise. On Jan. 1, it updated the policy again and said that the children should be more than six months to travel on the cruise. Also Disney had said that for families who already had reservations with Disney Cruise before Jan. 1, their plans would, in no way, be affected. But when it came to the Moak family, the promise of the Disney Cruise team was not kept as they disrupted the plans of the family.

Disney Cruise did not comment on the case specifically, citing medical privacy reasons but a Disney spokeswoman, in support of her team, explained that the child was not removed because of her age. She said that the ship's doctor thought that the child needed to be shown at a hospital that was land-based, so she could receive medical care.

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