Codemasters’ “Dirt Rally” is officially leaving the Steam early access. Alongside its full PC release, “Dirt Rally” is confirmed to hit both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year. The game will also include the Winter Wonderland update.

Much admired for its realistic graphics and attention to detail, “Dirt Rally” was first launched on Steam Early Access in late April. “Dirt Rally” received high praise from hardcore gamers, with the developer continually listening to community feedback. As such, Codemasters has already released a few updates since its Steam Early Access days.

Just after three months from launch of “Dirt Rally,” Codemasters introduced a new version called as “Tarmac Terrors update” that was meant to bring many new features. Along with these, the developer fixed many gameplay bugs. In August this year, Codemasters introduced online competitive play to “Dirt Rally” with a new update, allowing players to host online challenges.

The team-up with publisher Koch Media has allowed the developer to bring the full game to PC. However, this is far from the end for “Dirt Rally,” as the PS4 and Xbox One versions are still coming in April 2016, as revealed to Redbull in an exclusive interview. Sneak peeks of the different cars can be seen in the link above.

With the full game, players will get two new cars, the Volkswagen Polo Rally and Hyundai Rally. The Winter Wonderland update brings a whole new rally set in snow and ice in the Vermland region of Sweden. The update is free to all the early access players of “Dirt Rally.”

In addition, Steam is also offering 15 percent discount on every purchase of full version till Dec. 14. Steam Workshop support is also available now so now the “Dirt Rally” players will be able to share their car setup and force feedback settings with other players.

According to a report by VR Focus, “Dirt Rally” on Steam is complete with Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) support as standard. But, the Steam website has made no mention of VR support on any listings or descriptions about “Dirt Rally.”

Codemasters has been supporting virtual reality in their video games and the developer has already developed “Toybox Turbos” with virtual reality in mind. In October this year Codemasters announced via their official blog that they’ve reached the stage where VR is working pretty well for one of its games “GRID Autosport.”

Codemasters also published a guide to help those with VR headset experience the game in virtual reality. Now, it seems that today’s announcements for arrival of “Dirt Rally” for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will deliver the game with same interest in VR.

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DiRT Rally - The Road Ahead – PC Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/DiRT)