Previously PlayStation-exclusive “Helldivers,” the much-admired top-down shooter, is now available on Steam. Developed by Arrowhead, “Helldivers” is one of the highest-rated games already available for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. The game is now available for PC via Steam.

Developed by the team behind the games such as “Magicka,” “Gauntlet” and “The Showdown Effect,” “Helldivers” is an action game in which up to four players team up to protect the Super Earth from the hordes of alien invaders, cyborgs and creatures called Illuminate. The game was given a 9/10 rating by IGN and 10/10 by Steam.

Finally, PC players have the chance to explore Helldivers as the PC version of “Helldivers”. According to a blog post published by Steam, “Helldivers” for PC comes with the three free expansions dubbed as Turning up the Heat, Masters of the Galaxy and Democracy Strikes Back. Players who wish to spread even more democracy can also avail the benefits of individual DLC packs and bundles.

Like the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita versions available on PlayStation store, the Steam port of “Helldivers” supports both online co-op and local play. According to the gameplay review by Destructoid, PC version of “Helldivers” is much closer to PS4 version in multiplayer support. Players don’t need to make any extra efforts to join or host a game.

The PC version lets the player simply link up with friends. Kicking out players is also very fast and simple as expected. With more than a 100 hours of gameplay, “Helldivers” features procedurally generated levels. The accidental friendly fires are one of the most entertaining parts of “Helldivers.” Players have to be very careful of each other’s locations as the always enabled friendly fire can take down the team mates when enemies attack from every corner.

“Helldivers” comes in two different editions. The game is available on Steam for US$19.99 (approx. AU$ 28) it has all the general game features. “Helldivers” Digital Deluxe Edition is available for US $39.99 (approx. AU$ 56). The Digital Deluxe Edition includes all the 14 DLC packs with all the game features. Arrowhead has not announced any plans for Xbox release.

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HELLDIVERS for PC Release Trailer - Available NOW! (Credit: YouTube/Arrowhead Game Studios)