Unit fire
Firefighters attempt to extinguish flames from a fire in a building in Lausanne, Switzerland September 26, 2009. Reuters/Valentin Flauraud/File Photo

A bushfire burning northwest of Melbourne Central Business District, threatening to cause damage to properties, has been controlled by firefighters. A previous watch and act message issued for residents in Bulla, Diggers Rest and Calder Park was downgraded to advice in a 6 p.m. advice.

Containment of the fire was carried out by the deployment of two large Aircrane helicopters and two smaller choppers that attacked the blaze from the air. Additionally, as many as 34 trucks and 150 firefighters were also used to control the fast-moving fire.

“There is currently no threat to communities, but you should continue to stay informed and monitor conditions,” the advice from the Country Fire Authority read. The fire, which instigated at 11 a.m., was blazing through the southerly direction near the Bulla-Diggers Rest Road towards the Calder Freeway.

A house in the path of the fire was saved by firefighters. However, it sustained a low level damage. The blaze burned through more than 110 hectares of land towards the Calder Freeway. Some of the other homes were also affected by the fire but did not sustain much damage.

"There's a northerly wind, it's quite blustery out there so fire conditions are quite erratic, and that coupled with the inaccessible terrain is making it very difficult to get on top of the fire," CFA state duty officer Jamie Hanson said, as reported by the ABC. "We should be able to bring it up before it impacts the freeway but smoke will be passing over that area and we're urging drivers to be cautious."

Speaking with 9News, resident Stephan Marc said the fire had come extremely near. “It got pretty close. Probably one hundred metres from the house,” Marc said.

While investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing, a lawn mower parked on Morefield Court is being considered as an object of interest. The area will be kept under supervision by fire crews. Motorists can now access the Bulla-Diggers Rest Road, which had been closed earlier.