Did Mars Curiosity Rover Catch a Rodent? YouTube Debate – Rock or Rat? [VIDEO]

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'Rodent life on Mars?' This is the idea raised by a UFO hunter this week.

There is an ongoing debate among those who have scrutinized on YouTube a NASA photo supposedly taken by Mars' rover Curiosity. The still image could be that of a rock or a rodent.

Life on Mars? NASA Downplays 'One for the History Books' Remark, Gorilla Vision Spotted in Photo [VIDEO]

Here are some of the comments posted regarding the video called, "Rodent Guinea Pig Photographed on Mars:"

its obviously just a rock - mightyoss

I checked the NASA photo and it's definitely there.  Wild stuff. - onefodderunit

I for one think it is an amazing find. To those who state it's a rock, well you maybe right, however if you saw the same picture but taken on Earth, would you not think it looked like some type of rodent ? or would you say it looked like a rock ? because it is another planet the people without open minds say it's a rock even though it looks more like a rodent. Of course the other thing is, that this is actually a picture from Earth that only looks like Mars ! - eloundainfo

it's a rock. believe me i've seen many of those here on earth. Lol - forinner

Those who want to see the original photo, follow this link to a NASA web page.

The YouTube video uploader, UFO HuntingClouds, is a UFO watcher who helps keep track UFO sightings shared online.

The video description notes, "Here is a photo of a guinea pig photographed on Mars by the Curiosity Rover SOL 52! When zoomed in you can clearly see the animals face sticking out."

VIDEO CLIP: Did the Curiosity rover discover life on Mars?

Watch the video here or play the media below to see for yourself.

Mars Rover Curiosity Update: December confirmation anticipated, 'one for the history books'

NASA to announce latest Curiosity findings this month

NASA has recently clarified an earlier remark with regards to the latest Martian findings.

After Curiosity scientist John Grotzinger told NPR something that is "one for the history books," a spokesperson explained the entire Curiosity mission is in fact for the history books.

Rumours spread that either Curiosity has found organic materials - aka building blocks of life - or something even better. But NASA does not want anyone to be over-thrilled.

"We have no definitive detection of Martian organics at this point, but we will keep looking in the diverse environments of Gale Crater," NASA scientist Paul Mahaffy said in a statement on Monday.

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