Diamond CBD aims to widen the scope of the market for cannabis products beyond the traditional cannabis industry

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Marijuana plants are seen in an indoor marijuana plantation of a marijuana's smokers club in the outskirts of Montevideo, Uruguay July 16, 2017. Reuters/Andres Stapff

An emerging dynamic new company, PotNetwork Holdings Inc., is at the cutting edge to show how the cannabis sativa’s intrinsic qualities can be utilised to the fullest — culminating in products that are a welcome, familiar sight in groceries and shops. Cannabis sativa, the plant extract that is usually associated with the popular recreational drug known as weed, is expected to appear soon in friendlier and healthier variants.

While smoking pot is the image that often comes to mind when the term “cannabis” is mentioned, it has also gained traction as a medicinal plant that can treat a wide range of medical conditions, from epilepsy and glaucoma to depression and anxiety.

According to numerous research over the years, beyond its medicinal value, cannabis can be harnessed to create healing oils, vapes for relaxation and creams that can enhance one’s innate beauty. Kids can apparently find their chocolate and candies a sweet treat that is an alternative to the sugar-laced desserts they usually indulge in. Finally, the pet food filled with nutrients derived from cannabis can allegedly make the family dog and cat healthier, stronger and sleeker; the more elderly animals just might be able to find their second spring.

It is this product differentiation that sets PotNetwork Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) apart from the other cannabis producers and developers in the market, and it does so through its main product line Diamond CBD. It is safe to say that a majority of the industry focuses their efforts on either one or both of the known variants: medicinal cannabis, which is explained above, and recreational cannabis, which actually caters to adults who legally, if privately, smoke as a form of entertainment or to relieve from stress. The public consumer market also tends to view cannabis according to those two categories.

What Diamond CBD has done is to show that there are other advantages in using cannabis which can appeal to the whole family, and without having to do with the feared uses of weed. What makes the claims of safety authentic is that Diamond CBD grows their own cannabis from which they extract the hemp using cutting edge technologies; the hemp is then converted into the products mentioned above. The plant is grown organically in the fields of Scandinavia, under the watchful trained eyes of farms and agricultural scientists. The fertiliser that is fed into the plant is free from harmful toxic substances. Once the cannabis is harvested as raw material, it has to pass a stringent screening that checks its purity indicating that all the desired nutrients are intact.

This hands-on approach, from the time the cannabis is grown and harvested to that final phase wherein it is brought to the research labs for development into various products, keeps the plant and its many derivatives from the usual other factors that have weakened the integrity of their counterparts. CBD Diamond’s raw material and ultimately the chocolates and the dog food that spring from them are free from toxic wastes, the infusion of inferior fertilisers, and the damages of pollution.

The consummate control that CBD Diamond exercises over the entire supply-chain process also sees to it that all the products created are free from the addictive properties that are found in weed. Parents and other guardians who may have a knee-jerk reaction to the very mention of the term apparently need not fret that their loved ones will be hooked to some kind of drug if they do decide to swab cannabis-derived cream on their faces or inhale some of the more pleasurable vapes.

According to the company, they would be happy to learn that the valuable nutrients that are part of the original hemp seed, and which are crucial to the wellness of a human being (or animal), have been successfully distilled into a cannabis chocolate bar or a bottle of healing oil.

According to Mercola, among these nutrients are various minerals, proteins and the healthy kind of fats — all of which the body needs to produce energy and resist illness. Seed Guides adds that hemp seeds supplement the body’s own production of amino acids by providing more of them. These amino acids, in turn, flush out the toxins from one’s physiological systems while boosting their immune system. As a result, consuming the hemp through one of its variants will possess the human with a physique that is stronger and more disease-resistant than most. That benefit can also allegedly be experienced as early in childhood by the kids who consume CBD Diamond’s edibles, whether in the form of gummy bears, watermelon-themed candy slices, or rainbow bites.

There is a huge market for CBD Diamond to grow into, especially that more and more producers and consumers are discovering healthier ways to tap into cannabis. The overall cannabis market is projected to rise to US$24 billion (AU$30.74 billion) by 2025, according to New Frontier Data. Expect more expansion as CBD plans to reveal a whole new side to the plant extract.

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