On more than one occasion, “Destiny” fans have tapped into files of the game to see what else is in store for them. This time, it seems that the developer has led a helping hand to fans by bringing to light some exotics that are not yet officially in the game.

Spotted by GameRant, the new exotics are reportedly listed in the database section of Bungie’s website. Specifically, it is in the Armory database. The fact that it was revealed via the Bungie.net can mean that these are official exotics that may come to “Destiny” sometime in the future.

Some of the sighted exotics include the Ophidian Aspect for the Warlock Gauntlets, the Astrocyte Verse a classified Warlock Helmet, the Transversive Steps which are Warlock Boots, the Dunemarchers classified as Titan Boots, the Thagomizers, the Shinobu’s Vow and the Fr0st-EE5.

Bungie has yet to make a statement or announcement when it comes to upcoming exotics. The developer did promise that it will bring a new update to provide more information on its upcoming plans. A new Weekly Bungie update is expected this week, its first for 2016. A February update is expected to debut in “Destiny” though there is a big chance that the update will not touch on the newly discovered contents.

Still, there is something to look forward to for “Destiny” this week. The Weekly Reset has finally arrived and with it comes the Nightfall Strike. According to Gamepur, the Nightfall is Fallen SABER. The Modifiers that can affect players is Epic, which brings more aggressive and more shielded enemies in great numbers, a disabled radar for Chaff, significant reduction of ability recharging for Trickle and Grounded. The last one makes players more vulnerable when they are airborne. On the up side, the Small Arms modifier allows Primary Weapon damage to be favoured.

Additionally, the Court of Oryx sees Tier 3 boss Kagoor and King’s Fall Raid Challengehas Golgoroth. Prison of Elders has Level 32 Broken Legion and Level 34 Urrox’s Grudge.