Destiny Rise of Iron
"Destiny Rise of Iron" will introduce a new story on the fallen Iron Lords. Bungie

Just before the launch of “Destiny Rise of Iron,” developer Bungie is bringing in another glimpse of the story behind the new expansion.

Seen below, the trailer hints heavily at the campaign narrative it will bring in the process. It tells of the story of how Iron Lords once protected humanity, and fell because of this responsibility.

And now that the cause for their demise is again a threat, Guardians are now tasked to respond in the same manner as protector.

“Long ago, the world had no Guardians. It had only Iron Lords. Fearless, righteous, we were humanity’s greatest warriors. But when an ancient plague threatened mankind, the Iron Lords sacrificed everything to lock it away. Now, I am all that remains. And the plague ravages our lands once more. Guardian, will you rise to this fight? And stand where the Iron Lords fell?”

“Destiny Rise of Iron” promises to deliver more weapons and armour, a new Raid, new and reprised Strikes, competitive maps and modes and Private Matches.

Even though there are a number of new features coming to “Destiny,” Guardians who may be looking forward to the PS4 Pro support may not get what they want. At least not in the meantime.

In an interview with GameSpot, Bungie Executive Producer Scott Taylor stated that the team will not yet roll out any support for the PS4 Pro. It seemstthat it’s not yet even in the planning phase, because they have nothing to announce at the moment. More than in the “Rise of Iron” expansion, Taylor even confirmed that this wasn’t being considered yet in the near future.

“But I mean we’ll be looking at [that],” Taylor added.

This last bit, though not reassuring for those getting the PS4 Pro early on, may hint that the sequel for “Destiny” may have some form of support for the PS4 Pro.

“Destiny Rise of Iron” will be out on the PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 20.

"Destiny Rise of Iron" official trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)