Destiny April Update
"Destiny" April update will launch on April 12. Bungie

Just as “Destiny” developer Bungie had promised, another update will be coming to the game following the April Update.

In a new update, Bungie has detailed what exactly will be fixed in the melee attack update. There will be two primary changes for the melee attack system. The first is the fix for the bug that causes the melee target search to come up short and have the melee attack to whiff. The other fix is to adjust the melee strike validation logic and player position networking, which is expected to improve the reliability across networks.

The update also introduces a handful of fixes to activities and quests in “Destiny.” Chests in the original Prison of Elders challenge modes will now give proper loot. Weekly Nightfall will now drop Ghosts correctly above the player’s Light. For quests, the “With Finesse and Speed” can now be completed.

The melee attacks update will be deployed on May 10, 10:00 a.m. Pacific. The full list of changes and bug fixes can be seen in the link above.

While the issues for the melee attacks have finally been resolved, Bungie has also given its statement on the circulating speculations following the release of the “Destiny” April update.

For those who may not remember, there was a buzz that ran through the “Destiny” community when one Redditor with the handle Rezyl Azzir had showcased a dead ghost from the update mere minutes following the update’s launch. His post on Reddit had hinted possible future updates for “Destiny,” which had fuelled the speculations of the community.

However, Forbes reported that the Bungie had already disconfirmed the possibility that Rezyl Azzir is not a part of the team.

“We cannot confirm nor can we decipher these riddles. It’s a mystery to us as well,” the developer had said as quoted by Forbes.

Still, the speculation was a great ride for “Destiny” players. If anything, the coincidence of the handle and the ghost, as well as the very short time that the Reddit user was able to obtain the item is sure to remain for a while.

"Destiny" melee attacks update (Credit: YouTube/Final Encore)