Destiny Rise of Iron
'Destiny Rise of Iron' is coming to PS4 and Xbox One consoles on Sept. 20. Activision

While “Destiny” Rise of Iron may be the biggest anticipated release for the game, some may be wondering how it will work for single-player gamers. Given the title of the expansion, the new DLC will be placing more emphasis on the Iron Banner.

However, Bungie was quick to point out that the gameplay for the upcoming expansion will not necessarily negatively impact the way non-Iron-Banner-playing gamers will experience the new feature. The developer has addressed this by ensuring that there will be something to work with for everyone.

“If you play the story and you’ve never played PvP, it’s just going to be a different ‘Destiny’ experience. And if you’re a new player, it’s still a great story that kicks off and has all the context you need,” said Rise of Iron Director Scott Taylor to Gamingbolt. “We’re very aware of the fact that not everyone plays PvP and that’s fine. We wanted to use that lore and iconography, and move that into PvE.”

With Bungie day already behind, there’s still a way to continually commemorate the event. One fan has created a sidescrolling retro-style shooter that takes off from the style of “Destiny.”

Polygon reported that the game is now a playable title in light of last week’s celebration. The title is called Project Tiger, and can be downloaded for free. Creator Helix3333 has fashioned the character to look something like a Guardian. A video showcasing the game can be seen below. If anything, the gameplay has a “Metal Slug” or “Super Mario” approach in that the player will have to jump and shoot to get at the enemy while also avoiding some fire blasts from them.

For fans who are looking forward to Rise of Iron, it will be released come September only for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

2D "Destiny" fan-made game (Credit: YouTube/brenton Whitwell)