Of the many changes that the December update will bring to “Destiny,” a notable plan that Bungie has divulged is the changes happening to the Titans. Following the activity of the community in PvP, Bungie shared a few interesting things.

It appears that the Sunbreakers tend to dominate in PvP, to the point that the developer has decided to tone down its power a little bit. For the Solar Titan, Bungie will make changes to make sure that those who are facing against one in PvP will still have a good fighting chance. Arc Titans will have a higher average KDR to be able to compete with other subclasses, while also reinforcing the Strikers Hard Charging Melee role.

Finally, the Void Titan should have double down on the Instant Base/Ready to answer to a Combat/Support role. Sunbreaks will now have less damage reduction and a slower speed when attacking. Bungie will also target some changes with the Flameseeker Forgemaster and Cauterize moves, the last of which allows for self-healing after killing enemies. Cauterize will have a three-second cool down instead of instant use.

Strikers are also made stronger by improved passives, such as faster sprints, faster cool down time for transfusion, better damage resistance, a higher shield health and usable Juggernaut passive even when airborne. The full list of changes are detailed in the official Bungie Weekly Update.

In another recent update, Bungie has confirmed that the platform will be getting some exclusive content. According to Forbes, Sparrow Racing League will be introduced to “Destiny.” This is an enhancement of the vehicles, which have previously been used to execute some interesting stunts. Way back a year ago, there was talk about a feat in Hellmouth after the first Guardian became successful in jumping over the ditch.

In Bungie’s official forums, a lot of fans have tried jumping over unscathed using the Sparrow bike. “Destiny” players, like Bungie forums user OhNoJoe have showcased videos that show the successful execution of the Hellmouth jump. So far, this has been the event where the Sparrow has shown in “Destiny.”

That will now change as “Destiny” introduces Sparrow racing to all platforms of “Destiny.” However, PS4 players get the additional advantage of exclusive sparrows and gears, though details are still sparse on what these will include.

Whether or not this new racing mode will become a full-blown part of “Destiny” or something of a mini game that Guardians can kill some time with remains to be seen. As far as what’s known about Sparrow Racing, it will entail some PvP action and Ai enemies coming into the scene.

According to Bungie, two of the Tower vendors will have new offers and rewards for participating in the Sparrow Racing League event. One of them is Amanda Holliday, who will be granting access to all “Destiny: The Taken King” players. As such, players will get the License Quest and Bounties, earn a new Sparrow and upgrade reputation. Items that can drop include Sparrow Racing League gear and shaders, helmets and class items of up to 320 Light and other racing perks.

Eververse will also introduce new items, including new emotes, ToolKits for styling Sparrows and horns and a new Record Book. All of the new additions with the vendors will get their new items for selling once the “Destiny” December update hits.

"Destiny" December update weapons tuning guide (Credit: YouTube/TheGreatOwl)

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