Demi Lovato arrives at the 2014 MTV Music Video Awards in Inglewood, California
IN PHOTO: Demi Lovato arrives at the 2014 MTV Music Video Awards in Inglewood, Inglewood, UNITED STATES California August 24, 2014. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

Demi Lovato talked about her mental illness and how she has become a stronger and happier person. The singer was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was admitted in a rehab.

Lovato told about her dreams and aspirations irrespective of her mental diagnosis. She collaborated with five mental health companies called Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health.

The singer talked to People and said she is living well with her mental illness and “functioning like a very happy person would." She added she couldn’t be happier and life is great for her.

Lovato also mentioned that she not only takes care of herself but also takes care of her new puppy. She also thanked her 35-year-old boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. She said that Valderrama is helpful and is a part of her support group.

“The people that are closest to me in my life are understanding and are willing to call me out on things if they notice unhealthy behaviors coming into play,” Lovato said.

She noted that her boyfriend is honest to her and wants only the best for her. Lovato is grateful to have him in her life.

The pop singer has made to sure to spread awareness about mental health. She remembered how her father Patrick suffered and died due to mental illness. “My father had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder as well, and I watched him live a very unfortunate life because of the lack of access to treatment,” Lovato revealed. She mentioned that people should learn more about mental illnesses and remove the stigma attached to them.

According to Lovato, there are different ways people can help as they need speak up for their community. She added that as a nation they need to stand up and do something about mental illness which is becoming an epidemic.

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