Debate Rages On Side Effects Of Wearing Tight Underwear

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The debate on whether there are side effects from wearing tight underwear is still very much alive, especially for the male demographic. Several forums in health Web sites still ask the question: “Are there side effects from wearing tight underwear?”

An argument between two Yahoo! Answers entries was posted on a health website. One said that tight underwear can cause infertility for men, while the other said that this is just a myth. 

“Close fitting underwear can affect your fertility if it keeps your testicles above their normal temperature by holding them too close to your body. They hang free below your body for a reason,” Metal Nettle wrote.

The comment sparked a debate, prompting another user, mixolydian100, to write that there are no scientific studies to back up claims that tight clothing affect fertility or can cause changes in the male genitalia.

Metal Nettle shares the idea of Dr Gautam Mallapur, a general practitioner in India. The Times of India quoted Mallapur about the same subject: “In men, tight underwear presses against the gonads, impeding flow of the sperms through the spermatic cone, which could lead to infertility in the long term.”

Mallapur’s statement was quickly contested by University of Iowa’s Department of Urology. On the website’s FAQ section, the University addressed the question “How do tight jeans cause a low sperm count?”

“That is actually a myth. There is very good evidence that shows tight jeans and tight underwear, as well as all types of clothing do not have any effect on sperm count. There is really no difference in boxers versus briefs, tight jeans versus loose pants,” the university answered.

While it is agreed that wearing tight underwear has some effects such as a higher testicular temperature, there are no conclusive studies to back up claims that it can affect fertility. In fact, a study by R Munkelwitz, published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, revealed that the hyperthermic effect of a certain style of underwear has been exaggerated.

The study stated that it is unlikely that an underwear type can have significant effects on male fertility. Furthermore, it mentioned that no available scientific evidence can support the act of prescribing loose boxer shorts to infertility patients.

While the debate continues to be contradictory on both sides, it is safe to assume that wearing proper underwear, neither tight nor too loose, can reduce the risks of side effects. Choosing the brand is critical just for the purpose of having peace of mind.

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