norman reedus
Actor Norman Reedus arrives at the 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California, U.S., December 11, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Hideo Kojima recently divulged some information on his upcoming game, “Death Stranding.” In particular, he detailed what fans can expect from the character played by “The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus. Making an appearance at the Tribeca Games Festival, Kojima revealed that he always had Reedus in mind when he was creating the protagonist for his game. Delving into the history of the game’s first trailer, which saw Reedus completely nude, Kojima explained that he wanted to show the actor naked, going on to add that his character would be sporting different costumes, equipment and even hairstyles as the game progresses.

On the topic of the game’s cast, which also includes “Star Wars: Rogue One” actor Mads Mikkelsen, Kojima stated that he wanted to be involved more with movie actors as they would bring more life into the work, as opposed to using strictly traditional CG animation. The Kojima Productions head also updated the audience on the development of his game, sharing that it has been smooth sailing so far, especially with the Decima Engine.

While the project seems to be moving along swimmingly on the PlayStation 4, Kojima and his team have also been testing the game on other systems. According to GameSpot, Kojima revealed that they were running tests on the game, especially in relation to its cast and environment.

“We are continuously doing different tests for game systems, for characters, for environments,” Kojima said. “We are continually testing these aspects. So far, it’s going pretty well.”

With that said, Kojima’s team has tested out the game’s environment in a New York setting, though it was clear that the game itself will not be taking place in the aforementioned area. “Let’s say that Norman’s character is walking in New York (and the game is not set in New York, this is just an example), we’re trying to see if what we can depict with the Decima Engine actually looks like New York, if it scales correctly and feels good there,” Kojima said, as per DualShockers. “Let’s say the character goes in an Italian restaurant, who the character meets going into the restaurant, what he will be eating, all those details are decided. What we’re working right now on is what kind of tables will be there, the specific dialog, what is gonna be the menu of this restaurant… Those things are the thing that we’re tuning right now.”

As it stands, it seems like Kojima and his team are hard at work with the “Death Stranding” development. This leaves fans all the more filled with anticipation for the game’s release, especially considering the fact that this will be the first title under Kojima Productions following Kojima’s departure from Konami.