Cast member T.J. Miller attends the premiere of the film "Big Hero 6" in Los Angeles November 4, 2014.
IN PHOTO: Cast member T.J. Miller attends the premiere of the film "Big Hero 6" in Los Angeles November 4, 2014. Reuters

"Deadpool" has reportedly added two more actors to star alongside Ryan Reynolds. However, their casting still remains unconfirmed.

According to Comicbook Movie Ed Skrein, who plays Daario Naharis in Season 3 of "Game of Thrones," has landed a role in "Deadpool." The 31-year old is believed to be in talks to play as the main villain in the movie. However, no further details were revealed regarding his role. Per writer Josh Wilding, "no specifics" have been announced on which villain character Skrein will be playing. However, Wilding suggests the actor would be a good choice for T-Ray.

In the Marvel Universe, T-ray is allegedly known as Wade Wilson. The villain first appeared in the 1997 Deadpool comics #1 and Deadpool #33 issue in 1999. The character transformed into an accomplished sorcerer in Japan and into a muscular albino form following the murder of his wife, Mercedes. He reportedly gets his powers by "trading his soul" to the spirits called the "dark Masters." T-Ray allegedly refused to care that he has eventually became as evil as the person who killed his wife.

Meanwhile, T.J. Miller from "Transformers: Age of Extinction" has supposedly also been cast. According to The Wrap's Jeff Sneider, he will serve "as an additional comic voice to compliment Deadpool, who often breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the audience." Per CBM, Miller could be playing the role of Bob, Agent of HYDRA or possibly Weasal. However, the actor's casting remains uncertain. According to The Wrap Miller's representative declined to comment on his involvement in the movie. Nor did representatives from 20th Century Fox also address the report. Likewise, Ed Skrein's role in "Deadpool" remains unconfirmed since per Sneider his rep has yet to reply for comments.

However, fans of the "Transformers" actor have already voiced out their approval over T.J. Miller's possible casting. CBM reader DEVLIN712 claimed the actor would be the "perfect person to play DP's voice." While ComicsBornAndBred claims Miller is "funny as s**t" so he would fit the role just fine. As for Ed Skrein, reader JoJo1982 suggests the actor could also be playing as Slayback since he supposedly looks like the character. In the Marvel Universe, the villain was killed by DP but returned from the dead ten years after to exact his revenge against Deadpool.

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