Kate Mansi with others
Kate Mansi, who plays Abigail in the NBC soap opera "Days of Our Lives," takes a selfie with her co-stars Lauren Koslow, Billy Flynn, Galen Gering and Jen Lilley. Instagram/katemansi

"Days Of Our Lives" opens the week with more revelations and the pursuit for truth. Abigail (Kate Mansi) grills Chad (Billy Flynn) about his sudden plans to elope, while Andre (Thaao Penghlis) finds a way to get ahold of Hope (Kristian Alfonso).

Other “Days Of Our Lives” cast members who will appear in the upcoming installment include Steve (Stephen Nichols), Ava (Tamara Braun), Theo (Kyler Pettis) and Ciara (Vivian Jovanni).

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Spoiler alert! This update contains more "Days of Our Lives" spoilers. Read on at your own risk if you have not watched the latest episode.

"Days Of Our Lives" soap opera spoilers

TV Guide reports that on Monday’s episode of “DOOL,” Andre seems to be unstoppable when it comes to finding Hope, and a new opportunity to reach her opens up. Meanwhile, Theo confesses to Ciara that he likes her, while Steve and Ava learn something shocking about their son. Elsewhere, Abigail demands Chad to reveal the real reason why he wants to elope.

The “Days Of Our Lives" website posted sneak peek photos of the cast for the Feb. 8 episode. A photo is shown here of Abigail, who wonders why Chad wants them to run away instead of getting married there. Click here to see Steve and Ava, who receives news about their missing son.

"Days Of Our Lives" soap recap

Scenes from the Feb. 8 episode take off from what happened on Friday, when Chad reveals to Abigail that he wants them to elope to Paris. He told her about Andre’s suspicions – that their father is dead and that Hope killed him. Earlier that day, Andre broke into Chad’s hotel room to talk to him. Andre informed Chad that he found Stefano’s body in a warehouse that was up for demolition. Andre reiterated his theory that Hope is behind their father’s murder, and it’s up to them to make her pay for what she has done. Chad told Andre to stay out of his life.

Find out what happens next on “Days Of Our Lives,” which airs weekdays in Australia on 12:45 p.m. on Foxtel’s Arena channel. In the US, “DOOL” airs at 1 p.m. on NBC and 8 p.m. on POP.