Days of Our Lives
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It is very heartwarming to see characters come back to “Days of Our Lives,” more particularly when someone has been thought to be long dead. In the coming days, someone pretty significant in the show will be back and he will do so with the right timing, just when somebody is at his lowest point and needs to see him the most.

“Days of Our Lives” (DOOL) regular and fan favorite cast member Chandler Massey is back in Salem to reprise his role as Will Horton. The actor was last seen on the soap in 2014, but it looks like he has not aged a day.

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Days of Our Lives” spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens before the next episode airs.

Massey had already confirmed that he would be coming back to the soap earlier this year. However, because of a rocky shooting schedule, fans had to wait just a little more to see the actor finally go on screen. When he did return on screen, fans were treated to some heavy emotional scenes that took place with him and his on-screen father Bryan Dattilo.

While his character Will was somewhat just a fragment of Lucas’ imagination at first, he actually is really alive. This is quite surprising considering how dead he was to viewers around two years ago.

Viewers are about to see a drunk and hysterical Lucas sitting alone in a dark church alley as he asks God why he has taken everything from him, writes Soaphub. He has lost Adrienne, Will and, now, Ariana. Although Will is back, it looks like viewers have to watch and find out how things turn out when they get reunited and how such reunion will be for them in the next few days.

Days of Our Lives” airs on NBC every Monday to Thursday on NBC in the United States. It also airs every weekdays at 12:45 p.m. on Arena in Australia.