Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Ita is seen approaching the far north Queensland coast of Australia, in this NOAA satellite image taken by JMA/MTSAT at 0130EST/0530GMT April 10, 2014. Reuters/NOAA/

Cyclone forecast 2016 suggests that four potential cyclones may threaten Australia, particularly Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Rough weather is predicted for QLD while NT and WA are on high alert.

It is said that four cyclones are threatening the country as they could arrive as early as today at any moment. While two streams could possibly arrive quickly, the other two would arrive later in the week after Christmas, Weatherzone meteorologists said, quoted Courier Mail.

The two early streams have the potential to land near Western Australia and Darwin respectively. Hence, both the regions are being monitored. The cyclone in the regions, if it arrives, will be called "Yvette." The other two cyclones predicted later in the week, particularly after Boxing Day (December 26), are likely to land in Gulf of Carpentaria and Coral Sea regions of Queensland.

In the wake of cyclone forecast 2016, meteorologist Nicholas Shera has warned that the cyclone has the potential to change the course in just a few hours. “Cyclones in general are quite hard to (track) but it’s unlikely for this tropical low to move towards Queensland. The modeling suggests it will move southwest.”

Furthermore, he said that the temperature off the coast of north Queensland is also perfect for a cyclone to brew upon it. He explained that cyclones feed off on 26.5C or above temperatures of the oceans. As of now, the temperature in the Gulf region is in mid 30s whereas it is in lower 30s at east coast of far north Queensland.

About Christmas Day, he said that it is going to be a warm and slightly wet day in the state while the southeast region might witness coastal showers. However, the chances of the showers are very less. He added that people stepping out in the southeast region on Wednesday may carry an umbrella along with them.

Flood threat in Western Australia

Besides cyclone forecast 2016 by Weatherzone meteorologists, Bureau of Meteorology has warned for a flood threat in the north of Western Australia. The region is likely to witness heavy rainfall and floods that may lead up to Christmas. Kimberley and Pilbara regions are expected to be affected. A severe warning pertaining to heavy rainfall leading to flood towards Thursday and Friday has already been issued for Kimberley.

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