A poster of Aussie TV series "cul_de_sac." cul_de_sac

Michael Joy is best known for directing the award-winning film “Men’s Group.” Now he's back with another exciting project: the Aussie TV series “cul_de_sac,” which is being compared to “Twin Peaks.” In an exclusive interview with International Business Times Australia, Joy shared his insights on the project.

“cul_de_sac” is a mystery series set in a small mountain community. The plot teases a dark past steadily creeping into the present. The series stars acclaimed actor Shane Porteous (“A Country Practice”).

“It's character driven drama with a dark mysterious tone,” Joy said. The show is, according to the synopsis, “set in a small town that has been around since just after the second fleet arrived in Australia, so there are a lot of very tightly woven family and social issues.”

“Through many characters I wanted to explore the idea of disappointment in one’s life and what it takes to push through; to discover and rebuild. The upper Blue mountains is a small but very creative community and it was through meeting many of these people that I realised that this project could be created here. This area is also visually stunning and unpredictable in its weather, so that really spoke to the core emotional element of not knowing what will come to you from one moment to the next,” Joy said.

At the moment, Joy has only finished the pilot, a one-hour episode. He has plans for eight episodes in the first season. A special screening for the premiere will be held at Sydney later this month for buyers and the media.

Joy has worked extensively in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, receiving numerous awards for direction and cinematography. After delivering “Men’s Group” in collaboration with producer John L. Simpson, it will be interesting to see what “cul_de_sac” has to offer. If things go according to plan, he hopes to show the series to Aussie fans in about 18 months time.

Credit: Michael Joy / YouTube