Crisis Manager Wendy Feldman Calls Rachel Dolezal 'A Pathological Liar' Who Needs To Stop Talking

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Rachel Dolezal
IN PHOTO: Washington state civil rights advocate Rachel Dolezal (C) smiles toward family member Izaiah Dolezal (L) while her son Franklin (R) stands nearby after her interview on the NBC's ''Today'' show studios in Manhattan, New York June 16, 2015. REUTERS/STEPHANIE KEITH

Crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, has an advice for NAACP leader, Rachel Dolezal. Rachel had been making the headlines consistently since last week when she was outed by her own parents for pretending to be black for nearly a decade and using the race card on some occasions.

Speaking with Page Six, Feldman says it is not too late for the once highly-respected NAACP leader. Feldman, who worked with a lot of prominent figures such as Teresa Giudice, Victor Voronov, and Rachel Lee when they were surrounded with crisis and scandals, said that all Dolezal need not do anything but stop talking. Feldman said if she would be allowed to work with Dolezal to get her out of this crisis situation, the first thing she would ask Dolezal to do is to stop giving reasons why she lied because all she would end up doing is create more lies and dig a bigger hole for herself. 

According to Feldman, Dolezal is a “liar” and a “pathological” one. If she would keep talking, she would only continue to lie. If she does not stop soon, she may become a “crisis” and a “scandal.” She said Dolezal keeps talking since the start of the week but is still not apologising. Feldman explained that Dolezal had already forgotten the importance and art of apology, just like many people out there. Feldman believes that Dolezal might be feeling she does not owe anyone an apology and at the same time, does not know how to go about saying sorry for lying.

Feldman believes however, Dolezal is just bound to get worse with her talking and telling of lies. "I really think that she’s such a Narcissus that she’s going to continue to talk,” she said. “And we’re going to continue to find out more damaging or bizarre things that are not going to be something she can recover from,” she added. She even surmised that Dolezal is loving the attention right now, feeling like a celebrity. Feldman thinks an op-ed would be so much better than answering questions on TV. 

Since the truth of her identity came out, Dolezal had been in the brunt of many criticisms and jibes. Most recently, Hollywood Reporter reports that Kelly Osbourne sported a curly-haired wig, as inspired by Dolezal’s hairstyle, to mock her on Instagram. Last week, she also posted a picture of younder Dolezal, when it is quite obvious that she is not black at all. Kelly said the whole lie is a “whole new level of wrong.”

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