Crash Bandicoot
"Crash Bandicoot" will be in "Skylanders Imaginators"' this year. Activision

“Crash Bandicoot” has been a well-loved franchise on the PlayStation. That’s why when leaks and supposed hints for “Crash Bandicoot”—from the odd posts on Sony’s social media to the cheeky reference in “Uncharted 4”—had been welcomed with open arms.

Now, Sony and Activision has confirmed that “Crash Bandicoot” is making a comeback in 2016. Announced via Business Wire, Crash will be returning first in the “Skylanders Imaginators” pack.

Seen in the trailer below, the “Skylanders Imaginators” pack will bring in the new hero to crash the party. Crash will bring in some of his signature moves, reminiscent of those who have enjoyed the game way back.

Vicarious Visions will be responsible for bringing Crash into the “Skylanders” franchise. Over at the PlayStation Blog, the developer detailed some of the steps that it had undertaken to deliver a great Crash Bandicoot experience.

From the trailer, it’s safe to say that the developer got the look down pat. Extending the experience is the inclusion of some iconic powers and moves that makes “Crash Bandicoot” complete as a character and a game. Among these are the crates and the signature spin attack. Interestingly, Vicarious Visions has given Crash a voice in the form of Aku Aku, which even provides Crash with a quick shield when he is defeated.

There’s a bonus feature for “Skylanders” players of being able to create their own heroes in the game. This is obviously in reference to the name of the game. “Skylanders Imaginators” will be available later this year on Oct. 16 for North America.

Next year, fans can look forward to three confirmed “Crash Bandicoot” remastered games for the PS4. Activision has announced via its official blog that it will continue the 20th anniversary of the “Crash Bandicoot” franchise by rolling out the remasters in 2017.

Only the titles have been revealed so far for the remasters. These are “Crash Bandicoot,” “Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back” and “Crash Bandicoot: Warped.”

"Crash Bandicoot" in "Skylanders Imaginators" trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)