Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate
Oct 19, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate (15) gets away from New Orleans Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis (28) to score a touchdown during the fourth quarter at Ford Field. Reuters

Dallas Cowboys safety Barry Church is eager to exact revenge against Detroit Lions' Golden Tate on Sunday for what the latter did to Sean Lee in 2012.
The 5'10 Tate was then playing for the Seattle Seahawks when he delivered blindside block that injured Sean Lee who was then running and looking at his side on a scrambling Russell Wilson. Lee was struck in the chest and chin with the crown of Tate's helmet, causing him to fall on his back and kept him on the ground for several seconds.

The Cowboys were also irked after Tate, the leading receiver on the Seahawks a year ago, celebrated the hit by flexing his biceps. Church doesn't care if Tate has already been fined $21,000 for the dirty shot and intends to give him an additional punishment. He described the block as the dirtiest shot he has ever seen.

Church revealed on KRLD-FM that Lee wanted to play so bad on Sunday so he could personally retaliate against Tate but has a torn ACL suffered in May. If Church's payback plan pushes through and Tate gets injured in the process, it would be costly for the Lions as he leads the team in catches and yards and is a great complement to Calvin Johnson. The Lions have defeated the Cowboys in their last two matchups.

Church and Lee are not the only players vowing to get back at Tate for an illegal move. In the off-season, Atlanta Falcons safety Dwight Lowery said that he was looking forward to exact revenge for the concussion caused by Tate with a block. He called Tate's move a "a cheap shot". Tate was also involved in off-field controversies. He was said to have slept with the then-wife of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson that caused their divorce. Years back a night baker from a donut shop claimed that Tate and a friend while drunk and acting like idiots stole donuts from their shop.

Meanwhile, Church also shared his views on Ndamukong Suh and feels the latter deliberately stomped on Aaron Rodgers' leg. He explained that when one could feel if he steps on somebody but instead of moving forward, Suh further stepped backward.

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