Samsung is surely developing the Galaxy S5 as the smartphone to WOW on 2014 as new reports suggest of jaw-dropping display panel features on release date, likely headlined by a 5-inch AMOLED screen.

The screen size, according to SamMobile, is the smallest in consideration - meaning Samsung is working on ranges that would make the GS5 a phablet-size handset. The plan, however, would not necessarily lead to the elimination of the Galaxy Note smartphone line.

It appears that Samsung is simply implementing a pre-set roadmap for its high-end Galaxy devices, the same report said.

And for the GS5 blueprint, the display panel will be wide enough to beam a crisp resolution of 2560 x 1440 with pixel density of 560 pixels per inch, easily beating any rival smartphones out there - from the iPhone 5S to the numerous Android upscale brands.

SamMobile claimed that the supposed GS5 features were hinted at by Samsung executive Kinam Kim, who heads the Asian tech titan's device display division. Mr Kim reportedly sounded off the plan during the Analyst Day gathering that Samsung hosted earlier this November.

In the same event, Samsung also revealed its 2014 vision of bringing the AMOLED display panel to most of the Galaxy tablet models, seemingly marking the company's increasing efforts to slug it out with the Retina-toting iPad Air and iPad Mini 2.

Yet most noteworthy of the details that were gleaned from the report is the likelihood that the GS5 is fast-becoming the device that Sammy watchers pictured it to be - beautiful and sturdy on the outside and definitely beastly on the inside.

In previous clues that some Samsung officials also leaked out, the Galaxy S5 was painted as a mean portable machine with an 8-core Exynos CPU, which also matches the 64-bit mobile computing standard that Apple has introduced this year via the iPhone 5S.

Underpinned on the same architecture is RAM provisions that could go as high as 4GB or even higher. Also a given is a muscle GPU that would make the GS5 a display behemoth right from under the hood.

And there is this possibility too that the Galaxy S4 replacement will be equipped with a bendable screen that overlaps the device's edges, creating a three-sided screen display that flashes information to users on every possible angle, Bloomberg said in a report.

Release date for the Galaxy S5 is seen by analysts to happen on Q1 2014 but Samsung may just allow a peak of its upcoming hero phone in time for the Las Vegas CES scheduled on January next year.