The CM Punk signing by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was met with some divisiveness by both the followers and the fighters in the Octagon. Many are pointing out that the former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) talent is just riding his popularity on the way to premium matches in the upcoming year, yet, UFC veteran Cole Miller thinks otherwise and claims Punk, who is Phil Brooks in real life, is advanced in the ground game than 50 percent of the fighters in the mixed martial arts world.

"I think most MMA fighters don't have any kind of ground," Miller said per MMA Fighting. "Most of them aren't good at all. Even in the UFC. There are plenty of exceptions, but when I say most, I mean more than 50 percent are nothing more than OK blue belts on the ground. I would rate CM Punk definitely above that."

Miller added that Punk is so dedicated to his new craft that he does not care of the belt system and only focuses on absorbing a lot of techniques along the way. The former WWE world heavyweight champion has been training with Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend trainer Rener Gracie and had not advanced beyond the white belt, which according to Miller is mainly due to Punk's insistence on learning different disciplines. If Miller is to make the assessment, Punk is already beyond the blue level and is a better in the grappling methods that most of the talent in the UFC.

Punk Finally Chooses A Fight Camp

Proof of Punk's dedication to honing his skillset is that he has chosen to train at a stable that is close to home. The decorated fighter has picked Roufusport as his new fight team which would give him the opportunity to immediately begin his training along with being close to his family. Punk will also have the chance to learn from one of the best striking coaches in Duke Roufus given that this is his perceived area of weakness and learn on the fly with UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis. It would be interesting to see if One FC Champion ben Askren will be lending a hand in Punk's development given he was one of the more critical voices of the entry of the new talent into the Octagon and even called Punk a "0-0 fake wrestler."

Watch the press conference of CM Punk during UFC 181 below:

(Youtube/Ryan McKinnel)