Developer Supercell has released yet another sneak peek for “Clash of Clans" that details one of the core gameplay changes coming to the game. Some of the detailed updated features revealed so far are the new Village Guard, changes in the looting system and a minor change to the League bonus.

The next sneak peek features the new Town Hall 11. The focus is also put into highlighting the 21% increase in the game’s map, iDigitalTimes reports. One of the core gameplay features of “Clash of Clans” is the area on which the players build their base. These bases are also attacked by other players so they should do well in creating a fool-proof defense for their entire village.

Once the massive update for “Clash of Clans” hits, players will have an improved village area of 44x44. As of now, the available area for building defenses and structures is only 40x40. However, the increased area has some major advantages and disadvantages. The players will have more area for structures and defenses but at the same time they will also have a bigger area to secure and defend.

Since the village has been made 21% bigger, Supercell has also tweaked a few things on the game’s attack and defense mechanism. Basically, all attacking players will be given more time to loot and destroy the defending player’s base. There will be an addition of 30-seconds time.

The changes by Supercell are geared towards encouraging players to attack more. With the new League bonus and Village Guard, Supercell is aiming to give players more pressure in strategising both attacking and defending.

Credit: YouTube/Clash of Clans Attacks and Mobile Gaming​

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