IN PHOTO: Detainees hold a protest sign atop a building at Villawood detention centre in Sydney April 21, 2011. Angry asylum-seekers torched an immigration detention centre in Sydney on Thursday, burning part of it to the ground after Australian authorities denied some of their requests for refuge, local media reported. REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

The Federal Government has reportedly confirmed that the Christmas Island detention centre has been used to hold bikies, murderers and sex offenders whose visas have been revoked on grounds of their characters.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the high security units in the centre would provide custody to the criminals once their jail term end. The criminals are kept there between the end of their prison term and before sending them back to their country of origin.

He described them as "people otherwise that are on a pathway to exiting our country". Mr. Dutton also said not many are asylum seekers among those send to the island.

"In the situation where there had been behavioural issues, if there's been assault of another detainee, if there's been assault of one of the guards," Mr. Dutton said. "If for security reasons within the network we need to move people to more hardened facilities, that will happen increasingly so," Mr Dutton said.

ABC filmed the 22 prisoners being brought in from the Maribyrnong centre in Melbourne to the Christmas Island detention centre on wee hours on Thursday.

It is also understood that the decreasing number of asylum seekers arriving by boat led to an increase of detainees with invalid visas. The number of asylum seekers in Australian processing centres has gone down from 96 percent in July 2013 to 59 percent, as of today.

Mr. Dutton also informed the prisoners across the network, especially the Villawood, at Yongah Hill that if they try to defy the law, threaten guards or harm fellow detainees, they won’t be handled with leniency at all. Just how the law prevails in the society in general, the government wants the rule of law to operate in the detention centres as well.

The federal budget also suggest that the immigration detention facilities at Phosphate Hill and Construction Camp on Christmas Island would be closed.

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