Chris Martin of Coldplay
Chris Martin of Coldplay performs at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2014 in Chiba, near Tokyo June 14, 2014. REUTERS/Yuya Shino

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kidnapped and threatened Chris Martin to write a song for “Unbroken” and made him compete in a reality show style to get the job. The Coldplay frontman joked about how his song “Miracles” made it to the soundtrack of the film.

When an artist’s song gets included in a soundtrack of a film, it’s usually a filmmaker’s people talking to an artist’s people. There’s a lot of talk happening before a particular song gets chosen, but most of the process don’t involve the artist or the actors/directors directly. This wasn’t the case with Martin and Brangelina, though.

According to Martin, the Hollywood power couple exercised their superpower in the industry in selecting a track worthy to be featured in Jolie’s directorial film “Unbroken.” Rather than the usual, the 37-year-old singer-songwriter went through a very meticulous process, starting with Jolie and Pitt threatening him.

“I got a message that said, ‘Meet in this undisclosed location. You’ll be blindfolded and picked up by seven ex-Navy SEALs,” a deadpan Martin told Vulture, clearly warming up to his elaborate story. He added the men kidnapped and hit him in the head, sprayed with Mace, before he was sent to the couple, whom he described like mafia leaders.

“When I woke up, I was in an office, and Brad Pitt was doing push-ups as Angelina Jolie was just sitting there with her crown on. There was also a guy holding a knife to my throat, and she said, ‘Write me a song, or else.’ And Brad Pitt said, ‘Yeah. What she said,’” Martin continued.

His ordeal wasn’t over, though. He didn’t have the job yet, and had to compete with other people until Brangelina had their “final eight.”

“…and then we had live eliminations at her house,” the singer added, referring to a reality show competition-type scenario. “We came in second, but the main guy chickened out.”

So that’s how Martin’s “Miracles” got featured in the closing credits of “Unbroken.” Of course Martin was just kidding. It was a fun story, though, which got people wishing that it was what really happened.

Meanwhile, Pitt, who turned 51 on Thursday, was reportedly called on a jury duty in the U.S., but his presence proved to be too distracting for court. According to the Daily Mail, the father of six was eager to serve, although he would like to take a short trial to take care of Jolie, who is suffering from chickenpox.

He showed up at the court house in Los Angeles on December 12, ready to be interviewed along with other potential jurors. However, after he waited hours, the court let him know his services wouldn’t be needed because he would be too much of a distraction.

This isn’t the first time Pitt has been called for jury duty. He reported in court in 2003, although it’s unclear if he actually served on a jury. He wore a juror badge, and ate a sandwich for lunch with the other prospective jurors.

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