“Captain America: Civil War” left two major “Avengers” characters out, and Chris Hemsworth wasn’t having it. In a hilarious skit, the 32-year-old Australian actor was fake-peeved that Thor and the Hulk were snubbed from the film, claiming he has quit the Marvel superheroes team for the unforgivable slight.

On Wednesday, “Civil War” directors, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, posted a video of Hemsworth doing what appeared to be impressive pull-ups and asking the question everyone wants an answer to: Why wasn’t Thor and Hulk in the film?

“Everyone keeps asking me: Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?” Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel film universe, said in the clip as he showed off his bulging arm muscles. “Where’s the invite or me and Hulk? Just leave the two strongest, biggest Avengers out of this one, did you?”

He had a right to sulk. After all, the new film appears less like a solo “Captain America” movie and more like a 3rd “Avengers” film with the majority of the team and some more present. There’s a good reason why Thor isn’t the film, and that reason will be explored in “Thor: Ragnarok,” the third film starring the crown prince of Asgard.

Nevertheless, Hemsworth wasn’t having it, mocking both #TeamCap (headed by Steve Rogers/Captain America, Chris Evans) and #TeamIronMan (headed by Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr) and likening them to kids.

He then called for his Mjolnir, the very same magical hammer that only Thor could lift, before “flying” out of the frame. And although impressive-looking, it was revealed that his pull-ups were fake, with him actually standing on a chair.

Fans are loving Hemsworth’s hilarious takedown of his fellow Marvel superheroes.

“Love that he made his own woosh sounds when he flew off at the end,” a Facebook fan wrote.

“He didn’t get an invite because Thor didn’t invite Iron Man when he was taking on a squadron down on 5th Ave during the Battle of New York. Boom!” another fan deduced.

“Captain America: Civil War” sans Thor is already showing in theatres in Australia. It will be released in the US on May 6.

In the meantime, Hemsworth will be seen in the reboot of “Ghostbusters” in July. He stars along with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

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