Chelsea's manager Jose Mourinho sits on the bench before their English League Cup quarter-final soccer match against Derby County at the iPro Stadium in Derby, central England, December 16, 2014.
Jose Mourinho REUTERS/Darren Staples

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho does not believe that having an independent panel, which would be tasked to review diving allegations, will help.

The Portuguese mentor does not have a good experience, as far as he's concerned, with the judgment that have been meted out by the said independent bodies in the past, and thinks that a creation of such policy will only amount to "disaster."

"The independent panels don't do their job well in any case," he said.

"When you go to an independent panel to analyse and suspend players by video evidence, it is a disaster. It is a disaster."

"I remember last season, and I don't want to say the names of clubs or players, you had players and clubs punished by panels and you had clubs and players protected by panels."

He also stressed that the actions by coaches and his staff, and by the players, during the game, should be given more focus rather than off-game activities.

"I saw somebody kick a player on the floor, hit him in the back - no suspension. I saw others with minor things being suspended," he continued.

"Players are punished for silly comments on Facebook, Instagram and this kind of thing, and players are not punished for other things."

"Independent panels are the same ones that last season analysed my situation against Aston Villa and I was punished and suspended because I tried to help, so for me panels only favour the ones who always have the favours."

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