Samsung has launched its second generation phablet in late 2012. It debuted with Android 4.1.2 and has not received primary updates from Android.

Galaxy Note II was supposed to receive the Android 4.2.2. update but the Korean tech giant thought it would be best for all flagship products to get Android 4.3 instead. It was a great plan but it also means people who spent money on the device will have to be satisfied with an OS version that is a few generations old.

Sometime in November 2013, the Android 4.3 firmware update will be available for Samsung Galaxy Note II. For those who cannot wait until the firmware is released can test it via SamMobile. Bearing the build number N7100XXUEMK4, SamMobile noted that the firmware caters to the unlocked international variant of the Note II (GT-N7100).

SamMobile claimed the test firmware can be one of the final versions of the software. This means the firmware update will not be that much different from the official one. According to reports, the firmware update should come sometime next week. Some other improvements and bug fixes should also come but they may take more time.

To refresh everyone's memory, the Android 4.3 update offers a number of under-the-hood changes when in default form. For instance, it gives users the chance to work with a faster file system, security improvements, always-on background location scanning even without WiFi access and better performance.

There are also some additional major features like the TouchWiz launcher, latest keyboard version from Samsung, enhanced RAM management, browser, newer camera firmware and KNOX functionality, including a visual interface similar to what Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 offers.

People can download the firmware on the source link provided. They can also get it through Samsung's Odin application. It is important for people to understand that this is pre-release software. Users may encounter several issues. People cannot update the version to the official release as well. Handset owners may need to erase all the data in their memory prior to booting it up. It is best to create a backup for all the files.