Charlie Sheen Got Aggressive During Recent Dentist Visit
Actor Charlie Sheen loses his control on a recent visit to the dentist. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas

A routine dental checkup went terribly wrong for Charlie Sheen as he had a meltdown creating quite a scene.

As per Margarita Palestino, who is a dental technician working in a Los Angeles dental clinic Sheen visited, the actor went to their establishment to seek treatment for an abscess. According to the lawsuit she filed, Sheen committed battery, sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress on his visit to the dental clinic on September 25.

As per the detailed report given by People, Palestino was assisting two senior dentists during Sheen's checkup. When she placed the nitrous oxide mask on the actor's face, he lost his temper and immediately ripped it off. Sheen then started shouting at her in front of everyone present in the area.

When Palestino tried to replace the mask in accordance with the senior dentist's instructions, Sheen reportedly grabbed her left breast area and deliberately clutched her bra strap to snap it open. She somehow broke free and immediately fled from the examination room to save herself from further abuse.

Sheen left the examination room in disarray with his spit flying everywhere. As the actor left angrily, his bodyguards and personal assistant offered the staff at the clinic $500 to compensate for the damage. As per Palestino's claims, the actor was also evidently under the influence of a combination of drugs like cocaine, Theradol and alcohol.

The attorney of Sheen denied outright all such allegations saying that they are 'ridiculous' and somebody is only doing this for a few minutes of fame. Sheen's longtime regular dentist also confirmed to E!News that he has never behaved in such manner at his clinic, as well as never acted aggressively toward him. Sheen's representative added that the actor takes some prescription drugs for his shoulder injury, which might have triggered the bad reaction.

However, this is not the first time the 49-year-old actor faces such situation. He had often made headlines with reports involving domestic violence, as well as alcohol and drug abuse. Due to the same reasons, he got fired from his hit show Two and a Half Men a few years ago.