In recent years, car manufacturers have been fixated over the manufacture of ludicrous amount of horsepower and torque that a car engine supplies. At present time, there are cars that claim to have the force of more than 1000 horses at the wrench. Recently, Formula One, or F1, executives had a convention held in Geneva and talked about the possible return of 1000 horsepower turbo cars in a bid to raise the challenge of driving an F1 car.

"As part of a push by F1's Strategy Group to make grand prix machinery more challenging, it asked F1's engine chiefs to get together this week to discuss ways of giving cars more power," Autosport reports. "The belief is that by ramping up engine power above the 1000hp level that proved so spectacular in the past, F1 cars will be harder to drive, and therefore more attractive to fans."

The report said that the Power Unit Working Group and the FIA are optimistic about the thought even though it is still a little too far-fetched since the changes, about what is currently being discussed about, is not likely to take place until 2017, at the earliest. Furthermore, a number of methods in increasing the horsepower in a car's engine, without having to alter the entire design of the current turbo V6 engines or buy a costly new engine, has been proposed. It include increasing the fuel flow rate, higher rpm, minor modifications in crank fire ignition, and increasing the maximum fuel allowance. All these are believed to be enough for the current car engines to hit the 1000hp target.

Some F1 enthusiasts have expressed their views and mixed opinions on the proposed 1000 horsepower F1 cars on Twitter. Could the glorious days of 1000hp engines soon make a comeback in F1?

#F1 Autosport reveals the return of 1000HP Turbo cars in near future, i think Bernie is consulting Niki Lauda on this issue ;)

— Amarnath_F1Holic (@amarnath0143) January 7, 2015

We might be hearing 1000hp screaming from an F1 car again soon and the engines might not have to change that much...

— Engine Noise (@F1_enginenoise) January 7, 2015

More power is definitely a good thing! #POWERRR #F1 Formula 1 chiefs working towards 1000hp engines in future

— 3Dom Wraps (@3DomWraps) January 8, 2015

What's so special about a the 1000hp figure? Make @F1 cheaper, sound better, bigger tires and less aero.

— Paul Stephani (@paulstephani) January 8, 2015

Part of the agenda of the recent meeting is the costs of the building the current engines. Apparently, smaller teams are finding it hard to pay for the engines. The standardisation of the components of the current v6 engines such as the energy recovery systems is thought to be the most amenable solution.

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