Google employees show off the two different colors of the Moto smartwatch at the Google I/O developers conference on June 25, 2014.
Google employees show off the two different colors of the Moto smartwatch at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco June 25, 2014. Reuters/Elijah Nouvelage

The OneTouch Watch by Alcatel will be officially announced at the 2015 tech show in Las Vegas. The new watch is said to cover most of the features that other mainstream wearable devices offer. Alcatel's entry is believed to have activity monitoring and can be synced with a smartphone plus its remote control capability.


Alcatel's new wearable did not attempt to go too fancy with its design, instead its sports the classic round timepiece design and adopts the familiar look of a regular timepiece. According to The Verge, the watch resembles the look of the Moto360 but has managed to move away from the display problem encountered by its rival. The framework has a metal construction and is available in few colour variants. Unlike the other wearables in the market today which comes in odd shapes and designs, the OneTouch clings to the wrist with the usual flat clasp.

Display and Interface

The watch has an easy to read 1.2-inches in diameter display which might seem small for some. Surprisingly, Alcatel managed to develop its own operating system which gives the watch the basic features, notifications and health tracking options such as heartbeat count and others.

Processor and Memory

Actual specs of the Onetouch are yet to be disclosed but according to some report, the chipset of the watch is ST Micro ST429 unit. Extra details on its memory and processor are yet to be announced at the tech event.

Other Features and Price

The watch's health monitoring features include a built-in heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter and an e-compass which can measure steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and even monitor sleep cycles.

The watch also vibrates when the wearer moves away from his smartphone and can use the watch to remotely ring the phone in case it gets misplaced. The wearable can also be used to control the shutter of the phone's camera.

If reports are true, Alcatel will live up to its tradition of offering affordable devices. The OneTouch will hit the market for US$149 and will be available in March.

Additionally, Alcatel will also be unveiling a new range of smartphones from its Pixi line-up that is 4G LTE enabled and is mentioned to be OS-agnostic. Based on Tech Times' report, the Pixi 3 series includes 3.5-inch pocket-friendly model which has 3G connectivity. The series also has the 4-inch, 4.5-inch and 5-inch variants which are 3G and 4G LTE enabled. Alcatel's latest smartphone line-up can work with different operating systems such as Android, Firefox and Windows Phone. The cost of the new smartphone series is not yet revealed but is expected to be on the mid-range level.

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