Felicia Djamirze
Miss Australia International 2013 Felicia Djamirze Twitter/Felicia Djamirze

The former Miss Australia International, whose face has been severely disfigured after a police grenade exploded in her face, was allegedly filmed taking cocaine and talking about money laundering.

Last week, a grenade was reportedly thrown into the home of Felicia Djamirze and her boyfriend Dean Grant O'Donnell as part of a police operation. The detectives were targeting O’Donnell, allegedly a Rebels bikie associate who was accused of running the ice trade in Hervey Bay and Maryborough. Djamirze was hospitalised as a result of the incident, which left her with third degree burns, a partially melted hand and the threatened loss of sight in her right eye.

Now, police are saying that the 28-year-old beauty queen was allegedly caught on camera snorting cocaine on a number of occasions, according to a report by the Courier Mail. The authorities planted covert cameras, phone taps and tracking devices as part of their major investigation of the couple.

In one of the videos taken, Djamirze also discussed money laundering, the police asserted. “All the money you get from the litter you can put on the mortgage as clean money,” she allegedly said.

Both Djamirze and O'Donnell have both been accused of drug trafficking. O'Donnell, an unemployed bodybuilder, was also charged with 13 drug and weapon offences after the police allegedly discovered two kilograms of ice, as well as a loaded handgun and shotgun.

Djamirze has since denied the allegations. Her lawyer, Chris Ford, also accused the police of being "both excessive and negligent" and failing to provide appropriate treatment for his client's burns. “This was not a siege situation, or a situation where police were chasing an armed fugitive," Ford said. “There was no imminent threat and the police had the advantage of surprise.”

He added that the police nearly killed his client, and demanded for a full independent investigation about the incident.